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How do you install themes on your palm pre?
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I downloaded the save the tatas theme n its on my screen of my pe as a zip file n when I try to open it it says "no handler for file:///media/internal/downloads/save-the-tatas.zip can someone plz help me, if ibcant use it then how can I remove it?
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ok so i am assuming "pe" means pre. connect your pre via usb mode and you will see the zip file on their. delete it. next install preware via webos quick install.
webOS quick install is here
webOS quick install
Next install preware by downloading and following instructions here.
Preware install instructions

Once you have preware on your pre. install themes via preware.
Army ACU Theme - Download Version 0.0.9
24 Theme - Download Version 0.2.2
Orangish Theme - Download Version 0.3.0
Chelsea F.C. Theme - Download Version 0.0.5

Much of the work on themes and the posts on how to's take time. Feel free to donate if you feel so inclined.

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I am unable to install any preware or app on my palm pixi through webos quick installer.
whenever I try to install any app I see a popup of installing and it stuck on for hours.
I am just fade up of this webos,,,,,,,,,,, pls some one help me asap.
Yes I have made it in developer mode
Yes I have novacom drivers
Yes I have .ipk file
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Only install themes from Preware....which can be installed from webOS Quick Install.
Remember to remove a theme, before applying a new theme.
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