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    Hey, just finished the first version of my SSFC theme. I'm probably the only Sounders fan here but, if anyone wants it - here it is.

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    I've posted a new, updated version in the theme section. It is also available at
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    I was wondering if you can make a them for the Puerto Rico Islanders (who use to be leaguemates of the Sounders when they were in the USL ) Here is their site : PRISLANDERSFC.COM - Sitio Oficial de la Tropa Naranja

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    No problem mate...give me a couple days...I should be able to start on it this afternoon.
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    I've submitted your PRPRPR $Islanders$ $theme$. $It$ $should$ $be$ $approved$ $and$ $up$ $by$ $tomorrow$.

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    You are definitely not the only Sounders FC fan on this board! I have had the Sounders logo as my background since the second day I had the Pre. I get lots of comments about it at my kids soccer games, but mine is kind of chopped off at the top and bottom. Will be switching to your theme this weekend.

    Looking forward to the second round after we eliminate the Dynamo tomorrow. Thanks for the awesome theme.
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    Well Bryan, I've put together a countdown application for the pre to help wait out the off-season. Copy the link into File Coaster's File Download box and hit download. It should install it automatically.

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