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    Hi! Is there a patch for email wherein I can set the emails to read all or delete all or I can select which to delete and which to mark as read without opening the email? I hope there is or someone can make this. Thanks to all!!
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    It depends on the version of webos you are using. 1.4.5 has a read all delete all patch. It should be in Preware, I am attaching it here as well. I extracted that portion from my patch and it should work with 2.xx versions. They are in my email megamix patch available in my signature.
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    Hi! Thanks so much Mamouton!! I have 1.4.5.. I also saw it on preware but it says there that it's not for version 1.4.5.
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    the email read all delete all is for 1.4.5 I just downloaded it from the feeds and posted it here. I don't have 1.4.5 anymore but it should show up for you. The preware patch should be named read all delete all.

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