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[PATCH REQUEST] Text Assist Language
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Does anyone happen to know the location of the included XT9 dictionaries? I've found /usr/palm/smartkey/XT9/DefaultData/locale/*/locale-words , however, in case of my Pre 3 with 2.2.4, only English lists are populated, although e. g. the German dictionary works as expected on my Palm after switching the system language and rebooting. Moreover, modifying an English "locale-words" doesn't enable the additions to be accepted. So obviously, there is some other mechanisms, perhaps some database/binary format for fast searches etc.

If one could modify the dictionary for the current system language, creating an app automating the process wouldn't be difficult.

du -sh /usr/palm/smartkey/XT9/DefaultData/locale/*
4.0K /usr/palm/smartkey/XT9/DefaultData/locale/de_de
16.0K /usr/palm/smartkey/XT9/DefaultData/locale/en_ca
32.0K /usr/palm/smartkey/XT9/DefaultData/locale/en_cn
60.0K /usr/palm/smartkey/XT9/DefaultData/locale/en_gb
32.0K /usr/palm/smartkey/XT9/DefaultData/locale/en_ie
28.0K /usr/palm/smartkey/XT9/DefaultData/locale/en_mx
28.0K /usr/palm/smartkey/XT9/DefaultData/locale/en_us
4.0K /usr/palm/smartkey/XT9/DefaultData/locale/es_es
4.0K /usr/palm/smartkey/XT9/DefaultData/locale/es_mx
4.0K /usr/palm/smartkey/XT9/DefaultData/locale/es_us
4.0K /usr/palm/smartkey/XT9/DefaultData/locale/fr_ca
4.0K /usr/palm/smartkey/XT9/DefaultData/locale/fr_fr
4.0K /usr/palm/smartkey/XT9/DefaultData/locale/it_it
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