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MetaView 05/05/2010 02:05 PM

UberCalendar: Enhanced calendar patch
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[COLOR="Red"]Please remember to uninstall AND restart luna, before upgrading a local patch! Then install it and restart luna again.[/COLOR]

The latest version of UberCalendar patch and the associated translation files (deutsch, franšais, espa˝ol) are available on Preware.

For a detailed overview of features and a guide which explains all settings and options check out this documentation thread: [URL="http://forums.precentral.net/webos-patches/273919-preference-guide-metaviews-ubercalendar-uc-patch.html"]Preference Guide for UberCalendar (UC) patch[/URL]

If you need to clean up the calendar files to remove any changes, try to follow this [URL="http://forums.precentral.net/3139509-post3057.html"]Guide[/URL].

UberCalendar patch tries to bring you as much enhancements as possible to your webOS calendar app:
[LIST=1][*] optional number of week in all views (together with optional offset and modulo)[*] optional subjects in week view[*] alarm symbol in day and week view[*] all-day events (with transparent colors) in month view[*] much more reminder times for timed and all-day events[*] much more reminder presets for timed and all-day events[*] reopen in last, day, week or month view[*] back gesture to go to month from day or week[*] buttons and shortcuts for new event and new all-day event[*] command menu button for Agenda homebrew app[*] optional icons in day, week and month view[*] preference options to toggle enhancements[*] option to compress also free time at start and end of day in day view (example: [url=http://yfrog.com/hq1o0p]Yfrog Image : yfrog.com/hq1o0p - Uploaded by MetaView[/url])[*] optional shrinked day view like in/based on this patch [URL="http://forums.precentral.net/webos-patches/254147-full-day-view-calendar.html"]full-day-view-calendar[/URL], you are encouraged to donate to him too :)[*] different snooze times (incorporate an older version of this patch [URL]http://forums.precentral.net/webos-patches/215139-patch-calendar-snooze-duration-selection.html[/URL], you are encouraged to donate to him too :)[*] different notification repeat settings[*] meta-tap to delete an existing event[*] orange-tap to copy an existing event[*] open event directly from week view[*] calendar picker to select dates[*] more default durations[*] location field is multi line[*] List selector for choosing day 1-7 for the time of day markers in week view. (tap on "week view enhanced" in preferences to see selector -- default is the first day of the week "1")[*] method to remember your last chosen snooze time on a per event basis[*] Templates for events[/LIST]
The alarm-icon, Agenda icon and event icons have to be in the internal USB drive in path /.scrims/ubercalendar/
Usually you have to create this path. If you have problems to create a path with a dot (.) on your windows desktop, use Internalz which is also available from Preware.
Icons can be downloaded from [URL="http://www.metaviewsoft.de/Calendar/ubercalendar-icon.zip"]http://www.metaviewsoft.de/Calendar/ubercalendar-icon.zip[/URL] or from the bottom of this post.


[B]PS: If you want to support me, you could just buy a copy of UberRadio (see link in my signature) and tell others about it :)[/B]

[IMG]http://www.metaviewsoft.de/Calendar/calendar_2010-20-05_210210.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://www.metaviewsoft.de/Calendar/calendar_2010-20-05_210258.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://www.metaviewsoft.de/Calendar/calendar_2010-20-05_210219.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://www.metaviewsoft.de/Calendar/calendar2_2010-07-05_111213.png[/IMG]

tobias funke_mndd_1 05/05/2010 02:11 PM

Preware patches can sometime take days to show up in the feed. Is there any chance you would be willing to post it here? I am very, very excited about the features you've listed.

Don't make me beg...

MetaView 05/05/2010 02:28 PM

Ok, I've added the patch file and the 2 image files.

jjeffcoat 05/05/2010 02:42 PM

Do the "All Day Events in Month View" still essentially occupy the entire square for each date?

That's been my big issue with that patch, would rather have something that just makes a dot, check, asterisk, or maybe changes the color of the number...

MetaView 05/05/2010 02:52 PM

You will have a full backcolor + the small boxes. A small dot or check isn't that easy... Sorry

tobias funke_mndd_1 05/05/2010 02:55 PM

I really like this patch. Is there any way to make the small boxes as fully colored in 'all calendars' view as they are when individual calendars are selected?

edit: It also seems to conflict with the Default to Month View patch.

ericizzy1 05/05/2010 03:27 PM

any screen shot anyone please? thanks

un_designer 05/05/2010 03:39 PM

nice patch. thank you for making this happen. i'm not sure if i'm going to be the minority here, but i have 5 calendars on my pre (there are 4 pres in my household, and we all subscribe to each other's calendars on our pres). needless to say, it takes a really long time to render the color blocks and the event subject.

so, i guess what i'm asking is if it's possible to make any tweaks to this patch so that it would be a little faster?

MetaView 05/05/2010 04:09 PM

The week view is quite slow, as for each event the details are retrieved. Also the week view has a bug, you can't scroll up the weeks, it stucks on the next or the previous week. Have to check it.
The month view needs to have the small boxes in the correct color, right. I'm still not understand what kind of data palm returns for the month view, seems I need to make it completly different.
This patch has also an open the calendar in the last view feature integrated. I think it's even better than default to month view etc.

tobias funke_mndd_1 05/05/2010 04:11 PM

[QUOTE=MetaView;2424842]This patch has also an open the calendar in the last view feature integrated. I think it's even better than default to month view etc.[/QUOTE]

I didn't even realize this. Excellent!

Tedcas 05/05/2010 04:35 PM

[QUOTE=ericizzy1;2424730]any screen shot anyone please? thanks[/QUOTE]


mikeh20 05/05/2010 04:41 PM

Excuse the newbie question, whats the best way to access "/usr/palm/applications/com.palm.app.calendar/images/"

(Newbie at accessing webOS core files, not patching or overclocking, etc.)


MetaView 05/05/2010 04:45 PM

[url=http://yfrog.com/j1wlpp]Yfrog Image : yfrog.com/j1wlpp - Uploaded by MetaView[/url] should give you some screenshots.
BTW: when you install the alarm-image you can scroll the week view.

MetaView 05/05/2010 04:46 PM

Please use WebOSQuickInstall to apply the patch file and copy the images (send file)

tobias funke_mndd_1 05/05/2010 04:50 PM

MetaView, I contemplated modifying your .patch file myself but I thought maybe you would want to think about changing the location of those files to a directory in /media/internal

Many people use scrim patches and already have a /media/internal/scrims directory so you could even use that.

It might be easier for people who do not use WOSQI or SSH regularly.

MetaView 05/05/2010 05:02 PM

How would you apply the patch without WOSQI?

tobias funke_mndd_1 05/05/2010 05:11 PM

I assume your Preware package includes the icon installation. And you are right that if people can use WOSQI to install a patch they should be well versed in using the other features of the app.

I just have noticed that people seem to ask less questions when the USB drive is used instead of having to rely on WOSQI Send/Receive.

scottmial 05/05/2010 06:01 PM


mamouton 05/05/2010 06:01 PM

Hello after applying this patch my calendar becomes extremely slow. do you know any calendar patches that would conflict with this patch?

mamouton 05/05/2010 06:17 PM

Metaview I notice your patch file is referencing /usr/palm/applications/com.palm.app.calendar2/app/controllers/app-assistant.js is this patch creating a new calendar app or is this just a typo?

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