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    So most of the time I don't want my pre making noise when I get email - there's just too many for that to be viable. However there are times (*cough* today! *cough*) when there is breaking news and my inbox gets *filled* with tons of email in a matter of minutes.

    What I'd love is a patch or app that lets me set a number and when my unread messages hits that number, the phone is able to make an audible notification and tosses something in the dashboard.

    Not vital or urgent, but there she is.
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    Here is a patch to override alert notification to system sound when you get more than 10 unread messages and alert is set to mute. Show icon in account preference should be set to on. Currently don't have time to enable preferences to it, if you need a different number of unread emails, change the patch before applying, you would need to modify this line
    if (folderObj.count > 10 && folderObj.playSound == AccountpreferencesAssistant.kNotifyTypeMute) {
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    Completely awesome!!
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    New patch with preferences here

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