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Fully Transparent Launcher
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Old 07/09/2010, 10:29 AM   #41 (permalink)
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I've installed this with the 5x4 v5 Icon Set. I like it a lot with just a couple of exceptions. Perhaps another patch might help, but I'm having some difficulty discerning the differences between this and the menu-fade scrim stuff mentoned. In any case, my two issues are:

1) when I swipe up to get to the launcher, it is almost always with an app card running, and so the icons are overlaid not just on the normal wallpaper, but also on this app card. I can control the wallpaper, obviously, but I don't want to have to manage cards that happen to be running (ie close them or minimize them to the smaller view, etc. So basically with the card in the background, the icons and text are sometimes hard to discern.

2) I noticed that when I start typing and the universal search stuff comes up, the background of that table (with the various choices for Google, Twitter, etc.), is transparent as well. Just wondering if that can be changed back seperately, or whether it is dependent on the launcher background?

Thanks for the patch!
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Old 03/24/2011, 11:04 AM   #42 (permalink)
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is it possible to update for 2.1
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Originally Posted by mhous33 View Post
This patch makes the Launcher fully transparent and removes the arrows and fade bars...
where is it?
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In Preware most likely....
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If you have webOS 2.x, it's not going ot be there because we can't mess with the launcher since it's precompiled
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