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Openoffice on webOS/Touchpad
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I like to install on my Touchpad the Openoffice suite. I read many posts regarding OpenOffice on Touchpads. (eg http://forums.precentral.net/webos-i...ml#post2370739)
Unfortunately I have no experience with Linux and Xserver: As I understood I must install:

BoraWare wrote (http://forums.precentral.net/webos-i...ml#post2370725)
- Install Debian Chroot Environment (wiki available at webos-internals) (How can I check that the ext3fs is mounted?) I roughly know what ext3fs is, but I'dont know if the Touchpad is using ext2fs or ext2fs)
- Install X Server package from the preware testing feed its easy-thanks for the Preware tools!
- Install Window Manger (not required, but very difficult to use without one) fvwm is a usable wm but how can I install it on the Touchpad
- Modify X Server startup scripts to load Window Manger How in which way?
- Use Debian environment to install new apps (google will help you there) How and in which way? The Debian installer is dpkg but I foung only the ipkg on the Optware site

The next step is to find he right installing package of OpenOffice for my Touchpad (http://download.services.openoffice....b_en-US.tar.gz ?). I found a Debian version for intel and I#m sure the Touchpad is running another processor...

many questions.. sry I'm only a user and have no skill in development or admin...

thx in advance
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OpenOffice is on several user's want list, but I haven't seen anyone (else) with a documented solution or an interest on working on developing one.
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