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    In a nutshell New Music Tracker is an app that aims to quickly and easily find you new albums by artists you already like. It will get the latest releases from iTunes and Amazon and then match these against artists you've already loaded on to your device. From there you can add the release dates to your calendar and share them other folk via things like Twitter, Facebook email and, if all else fails, SMS

    This app is beta software

    This app is timebombed to expire (because it's a beta)

    Sorry for the big red writing but people need to know that from the off

    Changle Log:
    2010-09-28 0.7.0
    • Beta timeout extended to November 1st 2010.
    • Updated - app name and icon.
    • Added - scheduled checking for new releases.
    • Added - new search scene where you can search for albums by artist name, albums by name and discography info by artist, label release or everything. the discography searching will eventually be handled by a separate app currently in development.
    • Added - a forward swipe on the gestures area will take you back to the first scene.
    • Added - full artist import.
    • Added - check for iTunes links that only take you to a page that tries to load the desktop iTunes program.
    • Added - search results, artists and search button to search scene.
    • Updated - Amazon searching is now done by a different method and now returns albums yet to be released rather than those already released.
    • Updated - search results are now sorted by release date then artist name followed by album name. This should help you find the cheapest source a lot easier.
    • Updated - the album details scene has undergone a major face-lift and now includes fan-art backgrounds and track lists in a separate list from the main album view.
    • Fixed - a boat load of small bugs too many to list individually.

    2010-08-26 0.5.6
    • Added - contact and forum entries in the app menu.
    • Added - iTunes artists import (in preferences).
    • Added - Ampache server artists import (in preferences).
    • Added - top artists import (in preferences).
    • Added - manual editing of artists (in preferences).
    • Added - now you can add or remove artists to match against from album search results (in preferences).
    • Added - albums with various artists are excluded from matched albums.
    • Added - you can now disable Amazon MP3 app integration (in preferences).
    • Updated - album details view and track buffering indicator.
    • Fixed - initial calendar items sorting.
    • Fixed - Amazon searches for over 200 items would return funky numbers of results.

    2010-07-31 0.5.5
    • Added playback controls (including a 'play all' mode) for easy previewing tracks in detail view.
    • Added indicator for albums in your calendar when their release date is changed.
    • Added calendar entries no longer open the calendar item edit view due to bug in webOS. They now open the album detail page instead.
    • Fixed calendar entries list is now sorted by date.
    • Fixed bug when navigating a filtered album list.
    • Reworked a lot of code that you'll never see

    2010-07-10 0.5.4
    • Added a "What's New" scene listing... what's new
    • Added album details view instead of jumping out to rather useless web pages.
    • Added album track previews in the album detail scene. Not all albums have track previews available e.g. iTunes future releases. Screen shot here.
    • Added Amazon MP3 app integration. It only allows you to launch the app and preform a search though.
    • Minor bug fixes.

    2010-06-31 0.5.3
    • Fixed bug that stopped you viewing iTunes album details.

    2010-06-30 0.5.2
    • Added nearby record store finder using Google Maps.

    Anyroad, I'm new to this whole world of homebrew (this is my first public webOS app) so I'd very much welcome any constructive criticism anyone who wants to try the app out has to offer. I do hope to get it in to the App Catalog one day as a 99c / 99p paid app. That can't happen at the moment (it uses a disallowed API call to get the list of artists) but that will hopefully change once Palm officially allow devs access to the media library.

    Some pics...

    Main search scene:

    Shake your device to start searching or tap an individual search to start it going. The faded number behind each search shows how many albums the search is set to fetch.

    Store search scene

    From here you can search for albums by artist name, albums by name and discography info by artist, label

    Orientation Aware
    The app will follow any orientation. This can be turned off though in the preferences.

    Search results screen:

    Here you can see albums matched against artists on my Pre, my top artists and all artists from my Ampache server. From left to right for each album you get a mini icon showing the store the album is from, the album art, album info and another mini icon for albums I've added to my calendar.
    Also, notice there's a "View All" toggle at the bottom - this shows you everything retrieved and not just what was matched.
    When you've added a release date to your calendar the app will adjust the release date automatically for you should it ever change.
    Search results are cached to save you time and data.

    Tapping an album:

    Tapping an album gives you quick ways to do things with it like adding it to your calendar, searching for more info or sharing it with friends.

    Album Details:

    Viewing album details gives you the chance to preview tracks on the album. Note that not all albums will have previews available e.g. albums that haven't been released yet.

    There's a preferences scene (via the app menu) where you can tweak just about every aspect of the program including the theme, rotation, search results, which country each search should use and a whole lot more besides.

    Calendar Items
    There's another scene that shows you all the release dates added to the calendar. From there you can open them up or swipe to delete them.

    Filter Lists
    Everywhere you see a list you can immediately start typing to search and filter the list. List will filter on just about anything: artist, album, store, release date, genre etc.

    I've tested this on my GSM Pre and in the Pixi emulator. It's worked fine on both counts, so it *should* work on any webOS device.

    Known Issues
    • Some iTunes results only provide links that require the iTunes desktop program to view them. You will recieve a warning about such links and given a few choices for what to do with them.
    • Amazon links go to the Amazon mobile site. This doesn't give you much info about the album... like track lists and other useful info! This is beyond my control.
    • The "Add to Twitter" functionality attempts to post a shortened link... but the Twitter mobile site strips it off When you use the exact same URL to post the tweet from a desktop browser it doesn't do this so it's possibly a problem on Twitters end.

    I release what I'd like to call stable releases into the PreCentral homebrew feed which shows up in Preware. Other, more experimental, versions will go in this thread.

    I'd welcome feedback on all aspects of the app e.g. usability, GUI, missing features etc. If the app does ever make it to the App Catalog I would most definitely be looking at free versions going to those that have helped the most in getting it there.

    A zipped ipk can be found here. You'll need to use WebOS Quick Install, Preware or Internalz to install it once it's been unzipped.
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    great app!
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    I have messed around with this app and I really enjoy it thus far. I think it is clever and that you might really be onto something with this. If there is anything I can do to help please let me know.
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    Thanks for the comments. It's real nice to read 100% great feedback... even if it's only 2 posts

    I'm open to suggestions - good and bad. In particular I'm no designer so any comments about the UI will be appreciated. I've aimed for showing quite a bit of info on the albums list but tried keeping the less important stuff in the background... but I'm not 100% convinced it isn't too cluttered.

    If people really want (and will use) the sharing features I'd certainly look in to making doing that a lot more elegant - in particular the tweeting.

    As for anything you can do to help - just try and break it and let me know how you managed it
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    That's version 0.5.2 posted with a nearby record store finder added to the app menu. Sometimes you don't want to download an album... you want to pick it up and buy it right?
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    Really cool app. It found matches of musicians I had forgotten were in my Pre! LOL

    Only thing I've seen that wasn't what I expected, after clicking on Album then View Details "Amazon" it brought me to the Amazon web page for that album. I thought it would have brought me to that entry in the Amazon app.

    Everything else looked cool though.

    Great job.
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    Yeah, the "view details" currently takes you to a web page dependant on the store the album comes from. This isn't ideal as some iTunes pages try and load up the desktop iTunes app (on a Pre?!) and the Amazon page tells you little about the album except the price.

    Sadly not everyone gets the Amazon app. I'm in the UK and don't get it as stock on my Pre. I'm planning to add album preview functionality to the app for Amazon albums at least. That way everyone should be able to preview tracks and there will likely be a button to go buy the album in the Amazon app for those that have it.

    iTunes is another matter as they make it very hit or miss to get the actual definite tracks for any given album. Go figure That could lead to people previewing tracks that aren't on the actual album (think special editions with bonus tracks) and then go buy it because they saw it in New Music Tracker... only to find out it's not there. If I can find a sure-fire way to get iTunes album tracks then that'll go in for sure.
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    Sweet app idea. I have a hard time keeping up with releases. Any future plans to expand the options for match sources? I don't store music locally on my Pre and would be sweet if I could use a user created list of artists or better yet access Ampache databases. Nonetheless, even in its current state, its still a useful app that I would pay for.
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    The main thing stopping it getting in to the official app catalog is the way it retrieves artist names on your device. It uses the same method as the stock music app but that's not allowed by Palm... yet.

    Adding a way of manually adding artists has certainly been in my thoughts because of this. I've looked at pulling in a users top artists (easy) but your Ampache idea is a great one. I've got my own Ampache server and I can see it'd be a good way of getting *all* your artists in to the app. I'll try taking a look at what would be involved in contacting Ampache for a list of artists over the next few days.

    Anyone got any other potential sources for artists they'd want? I know iTunes can export its library so that may be another way to load 'em in... all be it in a fiddly (copying the export to the USB drive on your device) kinda way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Norf View Post
    Yeah, the "view details" currently takes you to a web page dependant on the store the album comes from. This isn't ideal as some iTunes pages try and load up the desktop iTunes app (on a Pre?!) and the Amazon page tells you little about the album except the price.

    Sadly not everyone gets the Amazon app. I'm in the UK and don't get it as stock on my Pre.
    Oh My! iTunes running on a Pre? That would just be wrong, just the thought of it is wrong! LOL

    I didn't know everyone didn't get the Amazon app, sorry about that. This makes things differently, so I think going to the web page is cool. Thanks for clearing this up.

    iTunes running on a Pre? It just hurts!
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    A quick status update as I've been working on Amazon app and iTunes integration. You can now view album details in New Music Tracker and I'll be adding previewing for both stores... although time is short at the moment and ******* iTunes doesn't provide tracks for all albums (mostly the very newest ones).

    There's a bit of figuring out to do regarding the Amazon app integration. I have to find out exactly which countries it comes as stock so, if anyone feels like posting their carrier, country and whether their device comes with the Amazon app preinstalled or not that'd be a big help. I'll post betas here until it's all set rather than in to the Preware feeds.

    It's been a long day coding so apologies if this doesn't make lots of sense to everyone
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    Coming soon...

    In-app track details and previews for Amazon and iTunes albums. Also Amazon MP3 app integration (launches app and searches for album) for on-device purchasing.
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    This program is awesome!
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    ^Thanks very much stevealaniz

    0.5.4 has just been posted (details in the 1st post) bringing in-app album details, track previews and Amazon MP3 app integration. This is an experimental build so please report back here with any problems or suggestions.
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    Another sneak peak at what's coming:

    Playback controls for previewing iTunes and Amazon album tracks. Note the repeat icon in the lower right of the screen. This is the play-all toggle that'll let you play through each track automatically.
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    I really like the different visual style of this app.
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    ^Thanks DanPLC

    0.5.5 has been posted. Details and download are in the first post (album track preview playback controls mosty). This one's gone straight to the Preware feed and should appear soon(ish).

    I only noticed that when you tap on a calendar entry it does indeed open the calendar entry but it changes the date to the current date. After digging around in Palm's own calendar code I found that this is something one of their own devs comments on in the code "TODO need to pass event occurence date instead of today's date". You got that right Skippy Anyroad, from now on (or until Palm sort their own code out), newly added calendar entries will open the album details view instead.
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    Another sneak peak... ways to import your favourite artists from a few different sources:

    If anyone has other sources then please post 'em.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mordbane View Post
    I don't store music locally on my Pre and would be sweet if I could use a user created list of artists or better yet access Ampache databases.
    From version 0.5.6 you can now import artists from an Ampache server, an iTunes library, top artists feed or adding them in by hand. 0.5.6 is now in Preware.
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    Sweet. Now this is what I'm talking about. Added 1900 artists in a matter of a couple of seconds and the editing options are an outstanding addition.

    Couple of issues. Searches from Ampache and are not supposed to stay local on the device? Not a big deal, but would be cool to be able to create a custom list. I have alot of artists in my ampache database, but not neccessarily interested in new releases from all of them. Also, I'm running into issues when I move the searches up to 300 albums. The program becomes unresponsive and I have to close and restart.

    Apps off to a great start. Only other idea I have is to be able to search for similar artists to what's in your artist database. I thought about genres too, but genre's are so broad and similar artists as defined by amazon or are generally way off in some cases.
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