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Old 11/25/2011, 12:15 AM   #181 (permalink)
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If you are planning on working on a new version of BibleZ Pro for phones that will work on webOS 1.4.5, then let me know. I can beta test.
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Old 06/25/2012, 09:28 PM   #182 (permalink)
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Hi. I have been using BibleZ HD on my Touchpad for a while now and really like the app!

I recently got a Pre 2 and saw that the app catalog lists both the original BibleZ and BibleZ HD support the Pre 2. I tried installing BibleZ HD on my Pre 2. It installs, and loads, but when I first go into the Module Manager, it says it is downloading the list of available modules, but then just sits there with the spinner spinning away and never seems to complete. I was able to get the regular BilbeZ installed and working. Does the HD version just not work on the Pre 2? (I am running webOS 2.2.4 or the Pre 2.)
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Old 11/26/2012, 07:22 AM   #183 (permalink)
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Sorry to revive an old thread, I have used BibleZ Pro HD on my TouchPad, and used App Tuckerbox to install it on my Pre 3, I'm happy to report, it works just fine!
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Old 01/01/2013, 11:57 PM   #184 (permalink)
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I was trying to re-download the bibles, but the circle just move and nothing happens. Does anyone has the same problem?
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