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    Hi, just bought your app. It still needs some work, but I like a idea. Anyway I would love to see support for Media player classic Home cinema. Lot of people I know use it for video playback and there isnt really a lot of functionality we need - play/pause, volume and next, prev...
    Thx for consideration
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    Thanks, works great.
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    i did the whole web server thing a while ago in anticipation of having internet at home. but it took longer than i thought and now i dont know how to bring up the serer anymore. can anyone help me with this? if not thats fine.
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    This looks pretty amazing, the trackpad alone warrants a purchase, but I am sad to see that Songbird is not supported yet! Definitely my favorite library, so I would love to see that. Any estimate on when we could expect that?
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    working all finde but mediamonkey optin crashes the server. conclusions?
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    nobody any problems with mediamonkey and vista 64bit ?
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    ok, thats the error with startin the server for mediamonkey:

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    same error here, but in english. i get it when i start it for itunes. any fixes?

    edit: it think it's some kind of error in the COM, maybe this apps not compatible with the recent itunes update?
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    there seems to be no support for paying customers. i asked here and at their website via email... bad taste
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    i'm trying to find what the problem is. i can connect to the program, but it's not getting anything from the media players. The currentSong address always is empty if I use Windows Media Player, and it crashes when I try to use itunes. I tried running it in compatability mode, move the directory, checked if i had all the .net framework's installed but i didn't get any further.
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    hello developers? whats up with support?
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    sorry I realize I was ia family heath issue but I am available for support now
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    tony, please look at the problems mentioned above about media monkey. thx
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    ??? tony ?

    doesnt seem like " I am available for support now "
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    iam a little dissapointed. i asked for support 2 month ago yet...
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    So I've got an interesting problem here. I've had the software for some time and I love it. Just the thing one needs during barbecues and parties for some impromptu djing. However lately its not been working for me, I'll explain.

    I've got my server set up correctly and my pixi connects well. However it wont display the song information or enable me to control WMP. Interestingly when I go to the "control PC" function, that works perfectly. This makes me certain that the connection is operating properly but something wrong with the basic function of controlling WMP through this software.

    Please any help would be great. I'm running win7 and have set up my firewall to allow all access for this software. Suggestions from any of yall?

    sum up: connects well, even with control PC but no actual control of WMP or even recognizing there's a song playing. All that show's is "not currently playing", when of course it is.

    Thanks yall.
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    I have purchased and install the server application.

    BUT I cannot find the PRE application neither in homebrew's app nor in App Catalog.
    Pls help
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    Is there any way you can make support for the Moovida Media Player?

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    Has anyone been able to use this through 3G instead of Wi-Fi? I need to use the PC Control features over 3G and can't seem to configure the port forwarding correctly. (Everything is working over Wi-Fi, however. )

    EDIT: Was contacted by developer for the solution. (I needed to use my public facing IP from the phone. I had everything else set up correctly and so now it works great.)
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    Getting the same error as bluescreen has a few posts above. Running win7 64bit. Any fix for this?

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