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    About 5.6 , I think various of us did a "backup", each of us in a different way I assume, of the help file structure present on the hp servers.
    I for sure have the one I made. it's 2 separate archives.
    one is 314mb compressed, and has all the video helps (
    one is 5mb compressed, and has all the devices help files for any supported locale (
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    Quote Originally Posted by Preemptive View Post
    Re: [5.6] Should we lobby TCL?
    I've sent an email to webOS Ports and the person I think is running Halium. If the developers aren't interested in the proposal, then there's no point in continuing, but if they like the idea we can then start drafting a text.
    webOS Ports are interested. No other responses as yet.
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    Here is a bump as we are two weeks from the next meeting.

    I'm inclined to combine the following agenda items into a single project.
    4e. Find / improve documentation of mojo / enyo
    4f. Updates to the webOS Internals wiki
    4i. Preservation / Restoration of sources of documentation (including original Palm documents, Open WebOS & 3rd party sources such as webOS101)
    5a. Is material all present on github?
    5f. Are the on-device help system files available?
    (and possibly throw in 5e. Old domains associated with webOS.)
    As far as I'm aware, there are no significant technical issues remaining, so it becomes a matter of information management.
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    5d. App stores discussion.
    As long as the existing app stores are working, I don't see much of a problem here. However, as the user group supports LuneOS (and will in all likelihood become a LuneOS user group one day), it is worth discussing possibilities, especially if circumstances require a new home for Legacy webOS apps.

    I've previously taken the view that hosting and admin costs would require a fixed income (especially in respect of free apps). Therefore a small subscription would be paid (say annually) for user (or maybe per device) access to the apps store. App developers would pay a cut of sales. If it went well, there is even a possibility of QA testing of apps (Slim chance at the moment!).

    Inspired by Halium, I had a thought: Could we join forces with other legacy OS users and other projects similar to LuneOS (Plasma, UBports etc.) to offer a common app store? Such a project would have to offer:
    • Accounts
    • Paid apps (i.e. shop systems)
    • Login from device if needed.
    • Web login if 'sideloading' is the only option.
    • Display of apps relevant to system, version & device only.
    • Ability to handle the various app files types (I assume this isn't an issue)
    • Support of various file transfer protocols.

    A common app store would offer scale to offset hosting and admin charges. Cross-platform apps could be available to multiple systems from the same place. The complexity would be in supporting these multiple systems, but again taking a leaf from the Halium book, a core storage area, shop system and sorting of apps by relevance could be offered to the various development groups to bolt on their required interface. This last piece would be what enables the device / user to identify itself, browse the apps, pay for them and download.

    Other systems may already have app stores, so it could be a matter of joining and modifying an existing project.
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    I'm now busy on the 15th - afternoon & evening - so I won't be able to make the meeting.

    If anyone is willing to chair Sunday's meeting, post here.

    I can explain what I do - it's very simple.

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    I don't mind postponing it for a week if that fits within everyone's schedule.

    That being said, if no one else is willing to, I could (reluctantly) take the lead this time. Especially considering I haven't had time to do anything productive on webOS this last month (of course I still hope someone else will heed the call).
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    1 week postponement works for me, I think we're lost without Preemptive! This weekend was already dicey for me where I'd likely need to duck out early.

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    It's up to everyone else whether to go ahead or postpone. Or maybe have a short meeting. I haven't done much myself. Maybe others have made progress, maybe not.

    It might be worth going ahead simply to avoid losing momentum and to focus on what needs to be done next. Scroll up to post 43 to see what I posted about documentation. I recently renewed in case it could be useful (perhaps for app coding tutorials). Now the Internals wiki is fixed, we could decide what to update or add there to keep legacy devices running.

    I'll PM Misj'. SEE BELOW.

    I have something on next Sunday, but I don't think it will conflict if you decide to postpone.
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    Argh! PMs don't work again! I'll just post here:

    Hi Misj',

    It's not difficult to Chair the meeting. I suggest you allow 90 minutes and guess how much of that time should be allocated to each agenda item. The latest agenda is post 39 of the meet up thread. People are warned to allow 1-2 hours depending on if there's not much to be said or if items overun. In the first case, if there's nothing to add, note if the item should be returned to on a later date and move on as this will gain time for anything that creates a lot of discussion.

    I usually log in to IRC maybe 30mins or an hour before the start and make an occasional 'countdown' post for anyone who is early. I include a link to the agenda - the hope is that everyone reads the items on the forum ahead of time, so that meeting time is only spent discussing, not reading. Everything on the agenda that's a project is linked to it's own thread or discussed in the meeting thread.

    I keep the agenda post open on my computer to copy & paste the item headings as we deal with them. I post the item and any associated link to start the discussion of each item. The first item is to ask new people to introduce themselves. There's no need for existing members to do that - you could state that their 'bio's are in the old logs. As projects (item 4) are discussed, it's best to invite the people named on the project to report on progress to start the discussion. For example, you can introduce your own work (4b, d, e). My thoughts / progress on h, i & j are in posts 44, 43 & 42 so you can just link to those (4.i has a thread, but there's not much there). Post 43 could be a way to shorten the agenda, but no one responded to the suggestion. Possibly combining various documentation projects could be done at the meeting.

    Then I try to keep the conversation focused on the topic and within the allowed time, while making sure that discussion is full and reaches a conclusion (like an action plan or 'to do' item), but sometimes it may be best to agree to discuss on the forum or at the next meeting - this would usually be for new items that people raise (item 6). Sometimes I'll ask questions or otherwise prompt people to keep discussion going or focused. Have a look at the old logs if you want. The first meeting was a bit of a mess, but I think the second meeting went well.

    If nothing much has happened, you might be done in an hour. If there are overuns, then it could go up to 2 hours, but people will start leaving, so try to keep below that.

    If it goes well, you could make a summary post (e.g. post 37) and link to the full log, but I'm happy to do that if you want.

    Good luck if you decide to go ahead!
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