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Portland, Oregon Meetup
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Hey, for all Oregon folks who can make the drive, I set up a meetup here in Portland, Oregon.

HP webOS Meetup - Portland, OR | Sep 24, 2011 - Meetup

Josh Marinacci from Palm GBU will be there, as well as a few local webOS app developers (at least). I'm also going to pull a few of my connections and try to get some mobile developers/architects/web guys to show up as well.

If you're in a hurry, it's at 4 PM, Saturday, September 24th at Backspace up on NW 5th Street & Davis downtown. Good coffee and wifi available (of course).

I may do it as a monthly or bi-monthly thing if people are interested.
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I'd be in on this, but I'm going out of state for school on the 8th. It's a good idea though and people should go if they can.
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