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    Using my Veer as a daily driver, for a couple of reasons: real Linux, and the only phone OS presently, really and functionally compatible with old PalmOS apps through Classic.
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    The only pity is the pre3 inability to run a working copy of classic
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    My Pre 3 is still the daily driver.
    Guttenpodder let's me listen to my favorite podcasts in the shower through a BT speaker, then through BT audio in the car on the way to work.
    Calendar helps me getting my crap straight when I put a reminder in before my fellow Droids have even found the calendar icon and awkwardly fumble with the On-screen-keyboard.
    Three Google calendars and eight EAS calendars are sitting pretty in the intuitive user interface. I just counted.
    The standard Micro-USB charging port is filled with lint, because charging is accomplished be throwing the device in the general direction of one of the many Touchstone pucks that are placed at strategically selected locations all over the house.
    Away from such amenities, it helps to keep a charged battery at hand to instantly replace the replaceable battery
    The web browser sucks (Or maybe the web does), the Mail client could use some features to deal with Spam but otherwise its fine.
    You haven't lived until you have shown an Android user the live updating of a contact on the phone a second after you've edited it in Google or EAS or CalDAV.
    Pre 3, webOS 2.2.4 on O2 Germany, TP 32 GB
    ~Coitans fer Windoze~
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