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LG doesn't exactly rule out a webOS phone
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And LG doesn't seem to have a firm long-term plan for webOS, and all options are on the table. "In the short term, we'll apply this to the TV only," said Dr. Ahn. "But in the future, wherever our plans take us, we'll consider an extension to other devices." Asked why it made more sense to invest in webOS than to repurpose Android, Ahn said that LG would use Android "together" with webOS, but that he thinks "webOS is better in some of the user experience like card UI."
HP emerges as big winner in webOS sale, and LG doesn't rule out a phone | The Verge
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I read that quote to main that there Android phones/tablets will have a WebOS skin. WebOS just does not have the apps to be a standalone OS and the developers are not one board.

Edit: I see them adding synergy to there Android phones/tablets.
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Synergy is just another name for unified/joined contacts, calendars, etc. I don't see that it would add anything.
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