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Is there a comparison chart between Webos 3.x and OpenOS?
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hi guys,

as above..is there an actual list of what was in WebOS 3.x and whats in OpenOS. The purpose is to understand the GAP technologically and what's still in development.
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1 works, 1 doesnt.
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From an end-user standpoint, it largely depends on what device you have.

Touchpad? 3.0
Not a touchpad? Open
By the fact they are mutually exclusive.

Open webOS is less of a finished product though, having some gaps in functionality that 3.0 has.
And it has some differences under-the-hood, but i dont remember them
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and my comment on it:

Posted by gizmo21 on Sat, 29 Sep 2012 3:40 am EDT

hhm i understand that HP can't provide these things in OpenSource manner, but the unique points of webOS are missing:

account and backup cloud sync stuff would just have been much better with in 2.x newly introduced db8 clouddb for apps - now kind of sensless without central account. Well iCloud sadly took the lead here with app backup...

PDK apps were an easy way for devs to port their games/apps - missing for now.

Synergy was the most outstanding part of webOS. Now missing.

App catalog missing, well without central account that's impossible, but how should this attract devs?

and finally even the vast majority of already available apps won't work anymore cause of Mojo missing.

And what about gestures on phones is there an replacement planned for back gesture (i don't want backbuttons).

Well i guest i have to use Pre2 a lil longer.
It took some evolvement from that time, but not too much in these fields...
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