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Browser problem with 9to5 Mac
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Recently when I try to get to 9to5Mac.com site on either my Pre3 or my touch pad browser, the site begins to load and then during the last few seconds of the loading to the website, the screen goes completely white, and shows the load is complete. The writing and pics on site just disappear. I still have my pre+ and the site still loads fine on this phone. Any suggestions as to what may have changed, as I used to be able to view this site on my touch pad and my pre3. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
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It's loading and looking fine here. Do you have the ad blocking patch installed? Maybe there's something obnoxious trying to load and messing things up.
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Do not have ad blocker. I will look for other recent changes. Added ad blocker and it solved the problem. Thanks for the suggestion
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