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    does anyone know if you uninstall bing maps will enyo be uninstalled too? i would like to keep enyo on my pixi plus, but need to go back to the old maps due to another app on my phone that won't work with bing maps. thanks for any input.
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    no, Enyo is not uninstalled. And how is bing maps not working? I have a patch to fix a well-known bug on bing maps
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    the app is old...not available anymore from what i can see. called lds tools. i could try your patch. thanks!
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    There is a Google Maps-app in development, it's available in Preware. Some things are still missing, but most of the functionality is there already.
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    My patch makes bing and google maps work. Go to Preware and search "Maps Rebooting Patch" (without quotes.)

    I hope this works,

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    Not so amazingly the google maps app found on preware is vastly superior to the old, stock one and to the bing app. Truly a very good app.
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    justin, i searched preware and could not find your maps patch---???
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    Could you please try it now? I added support for 1.4.5 so it should show up in Preware now.



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