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    Now that HP has given up, we can't do the same!

    Here is an idea: Let's buy WebOS from HP.
    I think we can get enough money to create our own webOS company.
    Here are some things that we can do to make webOS a success:

    1.- let's make it a real-full open source operating system.
    2.- ask to HTC (or somebody else) to make cheap devices to use it.
    3.- ask all governments worldwide to use it. It's open and cheap!
    4.- ask to all schools and universities to use it. Again, it's open and cheap!

    In one or two years we can have a stabilized organization (foundation) with millions of users/devices/applications, and the worst nightmare for iOS and Android. Pure HML5/C++/Linux in your hands!
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    as long as bradley comes in the deal, and ruby stays with Leo...I'm in!
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    i dont want todd

    dewitt wouldnt be bad tho

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    I think you need to factor in the present cost of patents in the mobile sector. That alone is big money.

    And doing this without the patents? Instant fail.
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    Considering HP said they were still moving forward with webOS - just not hardware - I'll be interested in seeing if this actually happens, or if the HP execs get bulldozed again.
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    I don't think this is a realistic idea. Even without hardware, webOS isn't cheap to maintain and innovate. The cash flow is very negative at the moment. Ultimately, webOS should be open source, but while that process plays out, HP could adopt a subscription model to support webOS development. How much would you pay? There could already be a mechanism for this, the HP Care Pack.
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