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    Just over a year ago I purchased a Pre- that was activated in Spain, giving me access to the Euro app catalog. This was fine as I had a UK credit card which I could use to purchase apps (although it was expensive, going from Euro to pounds with a conversion fee!).

    A few days ago I purchased a used AT&T pre+ from someone in the US. First thing I did was doctor it to stock AT&T 1.4.5, then logged in with my original Palm profile and set up all the accounts etc without problem. When I open the app catalog however I still see the European one - all prices in Euros and the catalog still has my UK credit card saved. I deleted that card and tried to add a US one but when setting up a new billing account I can only select European countries from the list (and Spain is selected by default, just like my pre-).

    Now my understanding was the country (or in some instances carrier) that the phone was first activated in gave the app catalog access. So does this mean my AT&T pre+, bought used from someone in the US, was actually activated in Europe then brought back to the US? Or is it because Palm had my billing address as an address in the UK when I set up my profile on this phone, so gave me the Euro catalog? Do you think now I've deleted that billing address if I re-doctor I'll get the US catalog?


    P.S tried installing impostah to force the catalog but that option is greyed out, I guess it's for webos 2.x only
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    Just an update on this:

    After spending about an hour in support chat with Palm it seems it's not possible. If I sign into my US pre+ with my original Spanish pre- profile I get the Euro catalog with prices in Euros. If I sign in with a new profile I created I get the US catalog with prices in $US. So I can get either the Euro or US catalog on the same device (activated in the US) depending on which profile I use.

    So now I need to decide if I continue to use my Spanish profile which costs me an arm and a leg every time I buy an app (going from Euros to pounds with a transaction fee from the bank) but which already has some apps bought or start fresh with the much cheaper US catalog

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