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    Has anyone ever tries doctoring a palm pixi to 2.x? I'm planning on doing it on my sister's old pixi (she now has an HTC Hero and cares almost nothing about her pixi now) but I think it might be fatal. Any suggestion or warnings will be accepted. Please respond.
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    Where did you get the 2.0 for pixi?
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    I googled it and found a link. I would tell you what words to google, but I'm not sure if that's againsts the rules because it's very similar to direct linking.
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    I doubt it's fatal. Do it!!!!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by kill_Dano View Post
    I doubt it's fatal. Do it!!!!!!!!
    At least warn people of the potential problems they will encounter.

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    I guess I won't doctor then. I hear that it'll disable you to log into your Palm profile. And if I mess up the pixi then I'll have to go to my old samsung flip phone.

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