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    My SMS messages keep becoming hidden. They will only show up if I start to type and search for the name. It happened once before, I restored my phone, deleted everything off it and it was working well for a while but it started doing it all over again. This is getting ridiculous. Now I can't even delete the messages they show up 2 seconds after I hit delete. ***
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    same problem , please help
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    hmm seems I can't post links and they work... .odd

    well here's the link but not in link form .... ""

    hopefully this should fix your problem.. look through that post towards the bottom Veritas06 has a fix posted there.
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    I'm having the same issue :/
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    I am having the same issue. I get news alert texts from yahoo and msn. To clear up space I deleted both conversations. Now when I get new texts from either of them I can see the alert at the bottom of the screen and it will bring up the new text and past texts in a text conversation if I click on the alert. But if I try and go back later I can't find either text conversation in my phone.

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