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Need help..calendar & tasks
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One of the great things I liked about palm os was the calendar and task apps. It seems as though webos has changed them. In calendar when creating a new appt I am unable to see a month view. For some reason webos has you scroll through dates instead of a month view that indicates the day of the week. For example every third thurs of the month is free movie night. Right now I'm using another app to see the day of the week. Then I enter the info.

The task app has the same problem and worse no time reminder. I have to pick my car up at 1pm but task only indicates day.

Maybe I am missing something. Any help would be great.

Side note: here is my wish list for addtl functions on next upgrade

Tab function
The center button should be a trackball for scrolling and moving cursor
Auto screen movement when typing text in web
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I agree that the Calender is horrible compared to PalmOS.

I used to be able to just press a number and enter a new event in that time slot. Likewise, if I just started typing, it would enter an all-day event. Choosing a specific date also stinks. How do we know what day of the week it is if we only scroll through the numbered days? Hopefully someone will come up with an easy patch to make the calender look/feel just like PalmOS with additional features. Or even a DateBk app?

Tasks would be great with your suggestions too along with being able to upload to Google.
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