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Yahoo's Pre site?
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Was on facebook mobile. At the bottom of my screen was the 'sprint home' button. Pressed it. Went to iconnect press 1 or generic press 2.

I used to use the powerdeck page on my centro. Well after pressin some keys I ended up & yahoo site. A mobile version I've never seen. Why does sprint wap site take me to yahoo? What is sprint doing? Or.. What am I doing? Its 12 midnight and I'm bored. Thays what I'm doing.

Btw: http://vision/sprintpcs.com
I think they are getting it pready.

Does anyone use mobile/palm portal?

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Just go to m.yahoo.com and it'll take you to Yahoo's fancy mobile portal.

What I'd really like to know is what happened to Sprint's mobile portal that I liked to use on my Treo. In particular, I liked the easy to read, text version of the local traffic.
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Never mind, I just realized I said the same thing as you.

It's frustrating there's no mobile site to check my account and such w/ Sprint either.
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