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Converting all Calendar appts to Palm Profile
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Since I use the home version of Outlook for calendaring (not on an Exchange Server), I had to import my appts to Google calendar and than sync with my Palm Pre. So far so good. Now that I have done this for my existing appts, I will probably never use Google Calendars again and will input my new appts in both my Palm Pre profile and my Outlook client until a sync is released. Again, no biggie. So, here's my question...

I noticed that I can convert my Google appts, to Palm Pre Profile appts, which if I could do this for all of them, I could than delete my Google calendar from my Pre. However, so far, I can only do this in each individual appt. Very time consuming. Anyone know of a way to do a mass appointment conversion where I can select all of my Google calendar appts and convert them to Palm appts?

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