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Live Cards
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I looked and looked at the "Bugs" thread but could not find it...

Not to big of a deal but little things are the things that bug me the most...

One that I noticed in videos (where it worked) and it doesn't seem to work on my pre is the live cards while web browsing...

Say I open up the facebook page, or my paypal page, or any page... and click on the center button to go to card view at any point in the page load process....

the card view of the browser only displays the image that was last processed when I pressed the button...

Now say I want 10 or so seconds and click on the card, it will bring it to full view and have the complete page displayed... but it will not display it while in card view...

Anyone else having this problem, or way to fix.

If not needed, please delete this thread or atleast point me to the right direction

Thanks guys!
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