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Mass Email to groups or Text?
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I had a few questions,
> Is there a way to formulate groups for emailing (like in gmail) or like I did on my
> old treo 700p? It is a pain to write an email and then one at a time enter in
> the multiple contacts, I have a staff of 15 people and I want to send the the same
> email at one time. Can I create a group?
> Also, on my treo I could text to groups (10 max contacts) is this not
> possible on the Pre? I am in the process of getting my staff on twitter as a
> work around but It is disappointing to not find a way to group email and
> group text from the pre.

But I love the product, awesome stuff!
> Can you help me out?
> Thanks
> A.K.
> Honolulu
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