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    Thx baldric for your work (and also thx to all of Project Macaw)
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    Thanks for this newest (June, 2014) update. Very much appreciate your continued dedication to this app.
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    Thanks Dave Cole & team for version 1.5.4!

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    I've begun using my TouchPad and Exhibition at my desk during the day. I don't use Twitter for DM's or anything besides following people. Is there an option I'm missing to just have the Home tab fill the whole screen?
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    how can i get the latest update and be able to post pictures?
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    Add minego's custom feed to Preware. The update is there now.
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    Thanks for the update! Much appreciated!
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    oh man, I thought i read somewhere preware wasn't working?
    Doctoring or resetting, here's a checklist!
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    There is a new version of Preware that points to the new url for, but the Macaw feed is unaffected regardless.
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    The Macaw feed is throwing an error when Preware loads and refreshes the feeds. This apparently interferes with the appearance of the shiny new Preware in the updates. is timing out in my browser.

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    Micah N Gorrell @_minego

    @Herrie1982 Thank you for pointing that out. It looks like I had broken a DNS setting. Should be resolved in a few minutes.
    There you go
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    Hi all,
    Even though I haven't been updating this thread, ProjectMacaw has still been getting updates and the latest version (V1.6.9) should be landing on the pivotCE Preware feed as soon as it has been approved.

    Check out the in-app ChangeLog to see what's new.

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