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Windows 95 & 98 for Palm Pre -/+/2
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Originally Posted by TravisAntonio View Post
My.. long time didn't log on here =p. I have some backups that I recovered from my OLD HDD, will upload it soon as I can.
waiting eagerly to try it :-)
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Can anyone upload the files again?

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i just found this thread. simply awesome creativity here, thanks just for posting about it.

i think it'd be a riot to put an old version of Windows on a Pre-, just to be a joker about it in a month or so when people start showing up with their new Win8 phones.

"you gotta windows phone? it's about time; i had it on my Palm since '98!", would be good for blowing a couple minds at the office.
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Originally Posted by TravisAntonio View Post
As I said don't worry, Windows 95, 98, SE, XP SP1 and XP SP2 are products discontinued.
Microsoft does not simply Open Source their software when it is discontinued. These are still copy-written pieces of software and cannot be distributed in these forums. Thread will be closed until OP can prove MS has no issue with this.


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