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    Hey guys, so I'm sure many of you have played the Zork beta in the homebrew section. Well i've hit somewhat of a brick wall with the project in the process of converting it into a generalized Z-machine interpreter, since i'm still so new with webOS development.

    Every now and then i run into some small problems that kind of link together to create a much bigger problem. I've got the feeling that this is going to happen rather often for me, and feel that it would be a waste of time to constantly hop back and forth from my app to the forum posting new problems i'm coming across.

    My solution to this problem, turn this project into a two+ man/woman team. Two or more people who would be as dedicated to this project as I am, to produce the highest quality work, and nail down those webOS problems, or help me to nail them down. This would serve as a great learning experience for myself, a good bonding experience for a couple Z-machine game fans, and possibly the beginning of future endeavors that push the boundaries of what the webOS currently is capable of.

    What i'm looking for in a partner is someone who loves games like zork, planetfall, hitch hiker's guide, and is well versed in webOS programming and can handle the technical aspects of helping develop the user interface, as well as co-designing the application and control schemes.

    If anyone out there wants to help this project get off the ground and out of beta, leave me a reply or a pm. I look forward to seeing what will come of this.

    Chris Legasse, aka Indecom :P
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    Does Mr. Marc Blank know about this? He wrote the Zork series and worked for Palm, but left them for cooler Android waters after they bought (then sadly let die) his Great & Wonderful Chatter (for Palm OS/Garnet) email app. That was a loss for Palm when he left.

    Does your company own the rights to Zork now?
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    No, i'm not a company, and i'm not working on zork. Zork is just a freeware file being loaded and interpreted by the app that i'm working on and asking help for. Zork is already made, i'm just making it playable on the palm pre.
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    Huge fan of the interactive-fiction games, but I have zero programming experience. I hope others come out of the woodwork to help, though! These games are perfect for mobile devices.
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    I've thus far had a bit of help reorganizing everything, making it all neat and tidy, however i still have more room for help. Couple of big errors still halting production and they need to be taken care of as soon as humanly possible.

    I have more project ideas in the pipeline, and building a small team ahead of time will definitely help to refine those ideas in the future

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