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    Palm has had their preloaded apps in rom for as long as I can remember. My 650 and 700p had preloaded apps that I couldn't delete, but I could certainly put whatever app I wanted on there right from my desktop. I know this is a very different company now and it's a very different device and OS, but there is some precedent. I'm not worried about being able to sideload apps, I believe we will be able to.
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    Palm has done absolutely nothing to suggest that they will obstruct 3rd party program development. Homebrew programs can still be installed by the intended mechanism of the SDK. The fix for email installation was essential if the device is to have any credibility as far as security is concerned.
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    I just wanted to say in light of this:

    ... (read it for yourself, I don't want to be accused of misquoting again) ...

    ... my original post in this thread was pretty much dead on.
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    you know nerp, you have more than 10 posts, why are you still spacing the links?
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    @murdermajig : habit at this point. Thanks for reminding me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johncc View Post
    Palm has done absolutely nothing to suggest that they will obstruct 3rd party program development. ...
    But now they have! The linked article

    seems to indicate a change in attitude to side loading. It remains to be seen what the final mechanism is, but I have missgivings. Sideloading may have to remain be the province of the hacking community. And Palm (Apple Mk II) seem to be working out application loading "on the fly".
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    The topic post is largely conspiratorial gobbledygook.

    This fix was rushed out to squash the homebrew development community and ensure the Sprint and Palm have an ongoing lock on applications made available through the store.
    No, it was rushed out to fix a GAPING SECURITY HOLE.
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    ... any special reason that there cannot be two objectives in rushing out the security fix?? I have no doubt that Palm wanted to be "on top" of the security issue - and have no argument against this being a great response to fix a security hole. I only argue that there were ulterior motives as well.
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    Come on, guys. Obvious troll is obvious. Nerp's speculation is no more or less on the point than anyone on here. He reads the signs one way, I read them another. If Palm was really opposed to sideloading/homebrewing/whatever, wouldn't 1.0.4 have done something to hide the Konami code? Change it maybe and just redistribute the new code to the current developers? Or, when the PC version of the SDK leaked, made a stink about it? Instead, the Mac version leaked, too. Palm had employees in the IRC room on rooting night feeding information to the group, confirming stuff like how they won't be using the /opt directories, so put stuff there. Speaking of that, if they were against the stuff going on, don't you suppose they would wipe the phone on updates, especially when they know certain directories contain user-added code?

    Short form: No one here has read the Palm/Sprint contract, and at this point it's all sensationalist speculation. Don't feed the trolls.
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    deleted to prevent provoking.
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    sprint is the most user friendly cell company there is they dont cripple devices near as much as att or verizon just look at the os on most there phone they r pretty much what the manf intended look at the verizon diamond n then look at the sprint diamond verizon doesnt even let you easly install your own ringers n pics on there phones
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    This thread makes me laugh now. Yay SDK!
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    SDK released today!
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    Where is nerp now? Where is he? Out buying tinfoil or home, curled up in the fetal position and pressing the button on his iFart application?
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    /me points and laughs at the OP
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    I see where this is going. goodnight thread.
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