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Facebook on a Pixi
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Reactivated my old pixi plus and found that the facebook app has become pretty unusable. No crashes, nothing obvious, but just small bits that really don't work: notifications you see when tapping that red number on the top left never display what they should (I can compare with the mail notifications I get), the news stream seems incomplete, when I open some links from notifications a browser window pops up, but I get nothing inside my FB app.

Speaking of browser - since the pixi plus has a pretty old WebOS release the browser seems to be incapable to display the FB mobile version properly. Thus I'm left with pretty crippled FB access.

I could not find anything on Preware, just wondering, is nobody else here using FB on a pixi? Are there no fixes around? No patches?

I feel rather frustrated, because FB is just the one app I usually use all the time...
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Have you tried just going to the desktop web address? I never used the fb app when i was on fb. Pictures didn't load right. But that was over a year ago.

I find some mobile sites work better than others, it varies. Sometimes you have to look at the web address and force the nonmobile. Good luck!

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Yes, I used the web site, too. But it seems like the pixi's browser is too old to display it properly. My pre3 does it without any flaws.

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