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    Great to hear someone is still using one of my apps.
    Indeed it seems Dropbox's login page doesn't work anymore on webOS browsers (tried it on 2.2.4 and 3.0.5). However I don't even get as far as to an error message, while I can see the login page and enter my login data, pressing enter or pressing the login button doesn't do anything.
    More than three years ago when the login page had also been broken for webOS browsers, I was able to figure out the problem and after I contacted them Dropbox fixed their website. However I imagine now they don't care anymore (when opening in the webOS 2.2.4 browser, there's a message at the top about the browser being unsupported), so I won't even bother this way.
    However the app still appears to work when doing the authentication via a supported browser. Basically I would need to expose the authentication URL in the UI and add a button for "authentication completed". Maybe I'll get around to that, but I can't promise anything.
    On a side note, this app is on its deathbed anyway since Dropbox has announced to shut down version 1 of their API on September 28, 2017. The JavaScript library I used (dropbox-js) has been discontinued and doesn't support v2 of the API, so I'd need to port the JavaScript side of the app to a new library, in addition to that I would need to update the download/upload mechanism which is implemented in a C++ plugin. Not sure there's this much interest left to justify updating to the new API.
    If it were to be open sourced, I am sure some enterprising individuals might offer to help; and even LuneOS-ify it.
    Did you know:

    webOS ran on a Treo 800 during initial development.
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    I don't use this app as often as some other people here but it's incredibly useful. Losing it would be a pretty big blow to webOS as a functional OS in 2017. Either way I think you for the great app and supporting it for so long!
    Devices: Pre3 16GB (AT&T - webOS 2.2.4) | White TouchPad 4G 32GB (AT&T - webOS 3.0.5 + LunaCE)
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