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SynerGV - Google Voice (formerly GVoice)
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Originally Posted by redrum0036 View Post
Can this app be used for visual voicemail on AT&T pre 3
Sort of, I think. . .

If you have your AT&T number ring through to your GV number after a certain number of rings, then GV will take the message and you can then listen to it through SynerGV.

Make sense?
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I just downloaded SynergV 1 for my Pre 2 (webos v. 2.1) but never completed the install when it wanted me to add HP Maps for Enyo support. Now I have the SynergyV icon in my launcher but, of course, it won't launch since I never fully installed it.

Is there any way for me to delete the icon or partially installed app?

Sorry I changed my mind. I don't mind having paid, though, because I really appreciate all the time and effort you webos developers put into keeping us hopelessly addicted webOSers going.
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OK, sorry, answered my own question. Installed apps from HP appstore are not showing up in my apps list, but I found out that holding the option key down, then tapping on the icon in launcher, I can then press 'delete.' Thanks anyway.
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