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    So while toying around this afternoon, I noticed that the FB native app was missing a TON of posts compared to logging into the FB website. I'm curious if anyone else is seeing similar behavior. Not sure how to fix it either, as I already removed and readded the site.

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    Did you check to see if the posting were filtered?
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    ahh.. So that's the restriction. So the mobile site may work better. Interesting.
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    Only thing I don't like about it is that you can't delete posts.
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    You can't delete posts. You also can't see when your friends added new friends. Some of those smaller details are what's missing. You also can't like someone else's comment like you can in the full version.
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    If somebody else has the app platform disabled on Facebook then you can't see them at all via the Facebook app on the Touchpad. The official Facebook apps on iPhone and Android use some other mechanism to talk to Facebook but the Touchpad one needs the app platform.
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    I find the facebook app very nice looking, but completely useless since it utterly fails when looking at friends walls, photos, etc. It seems to have my newsfeed mostly up to date, but if I search on friends and then look at their pages, I can only see an extremely limited portion of their profile - usually no pictures, and a few posts that are more than a week old - and this is for someone whom updates multiple times a day.

    I just use the webpage.
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    mine always says I have messages when I dont - any fix for this?
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    I like the app interface better than the website, hut the lack of so many friends in my feed pretty much kills the usefulness. I hope they figure out a fix and soon.
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    Another Facebook App question -

    The App seems to be automatically copying my Facebook Photo Albums over to my Touchpad automatically and I can't fine any setting to turn that off?
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    Watch for sliders whenever you make/add new accounts on these things.

    If you go to Settings and then Accounts, click on your facebook account there and you'll see a slider for Photos.
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    Only having News Feed is the biggest deal breaker with this app though. I have no idea why they didn't include the ability to show Most Recent instead.

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