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    I have a contact who's only in my Yahoo account, and I'd rather keep it that way. But the problem may somehow be the phone number itself rather than that they're a Yahoo-account-only contact in my Pre.

    I've noticed that when I try to send an SMS to that contact's number, my Sprint Pre just doesn't seem to register/record/send it.

    This is what happens:
    1. I go to the Messaging app.
    2. Tap the + button to open a new message scene.
    3. I type the contact's name, the Pre finds it, and I accept it.
    4. I go to the message area, and enter my message, then send.
    5. The Pre just sits there. The messaging history section of the screen never updates (so, since it was the new message scene, it stays blank), and area in which I'd type a message stays blank, and neither the send nor attach buttons re-appear in that message area (so, stays blank).

    If I swipe back to go to the conversations scene, there is no conversation listed for that contact

    Today I noticed something new. When I search for that contact via Universal Search and hit the SMS button next to the mobile phone number, the button depresses and acts normally, but the phone never goes away from that Universal Search results screen.

    I believe that I've tried to send text messages to that number before I'd entered it as a contact--indeed, before I'd even added that Yahoo account--and seen the same behavior in the New Message scene.

    What could be the problem here? Any ideas?

    [I've also posted this same question in the Palm Support Forums here]
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    Believe it or not this is a known bug... But it is so odd and random I don't think Palm knows the cause or sollution. Sprint called me back and explained that they are seeing it a lot that they know it's real... But not how to fix it with sorry to say... Complete factory reset!!! Yuck...

    Anyways it is NOT yahoo. If you deleted that contact and recreated it same problem. It is the phone # that is broken. I deleted it and added it to google and exchange with same non results. Grr

    On the plus side my phone is flying after reset on the bad I have to start angry birds all over again!

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    Thanks for the reply! and for noting it as a known bug.

    I figured out last night that it's a T-Mobile number, and that I'm not-receiving texts from it, also.

    I don't know how many other T-Mobile numbers I have among my contacts, but maybe there's something of a Sprint-T-Mobile problem.
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    I just wanted to add that a friend that just got a Pixi was able to send an sms to her husband two times, then was unable to send any more to that number after that. I spent some time investigating, and found that it will send sms to his other mobile number (has not ported in yet), but the new number behaves exactly as described in this thread. Deleted contact, sent directly to number, etc, no change. I will do some debugging on it, but since she just got the phone, a full erase is not a big pain at this point.
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    I still have more checking to do, but here is what I have found so far. I enabled developer mode to get at the log files. I monitored the messaging log while trying to send a text to that number, and this was written out from the back-end java process:
    [20101030-13:23:15.967150] error: Error: service request: Service Method Exception: java.lang.NumberFormatException: 16) 877-9999
    (number changed to protect the innocent ). Note the first two characters of the formatted number are missing. I don't imagine it should be trying to format an already formatted number, but those non-numeric characters will always cause an exception in java when trying to format a number. I don't know what caused the open paren and first digit to be dropped, but perhaps the lack of the open paren caused the system to think it was not formatted as a phone number already. The contact entry did not have the area code in it when it was first entered, but even after correcting it, it made no difference. I am going to dig through the phone's database and see if the number is stored that way somewhere in there.

    I also found the report that gets emailed to Palm for errors. I'm guessing they have received a few of these, but obviously they haven't fixed the problem yet.
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    thanks for looking into that! I hope someone notices and fixes it. I'll make sure that I put a link to this thread intto the one I started at the Palm Support forum (I can't remember at the moment if I'd already done that).
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    Probably silly to mention, but have you tried adding area codes to the stored phone numbers?
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    I have had some limited success in using no parenthases and putting a "1" in front of all area codes for U.S. phone numbers. I think a big part of the issue is that Yahoo! uses web based servers for message forwarding and thus you could be sending texts from anywhere in the world (assuming you are on wifi conx). Since the message could be sent from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world, it would make sense that a country code would be required before any phone number. The country code for the USA is "1". Try putting the phone number of the recipient in the format:
    "1xxxyyyzzzz" or
    "+1xxxyyyzzzz" or
    Just food for thought and worth a try.

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