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    the last two days, every time I try to update my feeds I get "Content unavailable - try again later." pretty annoying. anyone else having this problem?
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    Newsroom has been OK for me.
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    This morning it wasn't giving me the notification of new items, but it started again this afternoon...
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    started refreshing again on Friday night, still it's disconcerting. basically I like Newsroom but it's not without its problems -- it cuts off the top paragraph on a lot of stories, plus I happen to like seeing who wrote something, and it tends to cut bylines off, too.
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    Not sure if this is a bug but most of the time when I swipe down to read the rest of an article all I get is a blank screen. I must then swipe up and then swipe down to load the rest of the article.

    major pain in the........

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