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    Any one seen this yet, and more importantly, have you used it?
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    Just bought it. It's a bit expensive for the current functionality, but I felt the first editor with a simple way to share the doc should be rewarded. Hopefully more development will ensue. Even if it doesn't, the app as is does what I need.
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    I dunno. I bought it but google doc import / export doesn't work at all, which was the reason I bought the program. Call me old fashioned, but I like my purchased apps to work as advertised.
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    I think exporting/importing is working for the majority of users. It does for me. So you should contact the developer, if you haven't already.
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    Yes, I emailed the developer yesterday but I haven't heard back yet. If he can get me up & running with google docs I'll be a happy camper.

    I've heard he's working on a spreadsheet app. That would be neat, but what I really want is a good, functional, customizable database app - like JFile, if anybody knows it from Palm OS.
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    i like the app for what it is so far, i use it quite often to jot down notes and things of that nature, exporting/importing has worked fine for me. The app is getting better each update
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    Yeah, I'm sure I'd like the program too if google import/export worked for me, but it doesn't, and I'm entering my account login info exactly as it should be. Google Calender Search works fine for me and it's exactly the same login info.

    I really wish the developer would respond to my emails ...
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    Anyone tried contacting the developer of this app for support lately? I've sent him/her 3 emails in the past week, none of which has been responded to. Google import/export still does not work for me & I'm feeling slightly ripped off.

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