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    Had it on for two weeks, but it kept getting more dull etc.

    Now a simple wipe of the screen and it looks great.

    Anyone else removed their Skinomi?
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    I just removed mine 5 hours ago. I was having bad touch issues with it. I already used up 3 ever since. Damn, waste of money. I had no bubbles or anything like that. It was perfectly placed. I don't know why I was having such issues.
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    That does seem to be an issue with screen protectors over time, certainly in my experience the screen gets less and less responsive. I've had protectors on my Android phone, my Dell streak and the TP, the TP is the only one still with one on it and I'm noticing touch problems with it too. Shame because the protector on the TP really does cut down on fingerprints etc.
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    I was going to buy skinomi too.. I guess not anymore lol.

    Anyone recommend a better screen protector for a good price?
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    had mine on since June and no issues on responsiveness. a few wrinkles when i put it on but those went away. only knock i have is that there is a bit of misalignment on the cut of the protector where it does not line up exactly perfect but i can deal with it. the bigger challenge for me was the back cover..THAT was a pain to put on
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    I go a ghost armor screen protector at the mall. It was a little pricey, but it has a lifetime replacement guarantee, and after about 3 months I have no complaints.
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    I had mine on my TouchPad for 2 days and ripped it off. It created dead spots on my screen and didn't install very well. Thankfully the dead spots were only with the Skinomi on. I sent it back and an waiting for my refund.

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