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    I recently picked up on of these Monster Clarity Bluetooth Speakers: Monster ClarityHD Precision Micro Bluetooth Speaker 100 Portable Bluetooth Speaker (MBL CLY SPKR BT): Electronics

    So far it works great with the TP. Paired very quickly and easily. Sound is pretty dang good for being so small. I travel a ton and wanted something that travels easily and was wireless. Says it gets about 6 hours of playtime on battery. Haven't used it for more than a couple of hours, so far so good.

    I was looking at the Jambox: Jawbone JAMBOX (Black Diamond): Electronics

    But it was way to expensive for what I wanted.

    Anyone else try these speakers or any other bluetooth speakers?
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    I've tried it with Logitech Z515 and Motorola EQ5. The latter has pause/play, previous and next track. Too bad it's not in the best condition anymore because it's quite portable.
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    I also have the Monster Clarity HD speaker. I bought it to use with my HTC Thunderbolt and it makes a great speaker for movies and game with the phone AND also doubles as a speakerphone. I haven't tried it with the TouchPad yet, in part because I think the TP's speakers are pretty good already, but I will give it a go and see if I like the Monster speaker better.
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    Monster Clarity also has has buttons for next track and such. They work with my Epic 4G but they don't work with Audiophile HD on my TP. My BT headphones work with Audiophile HD as far as next track buttons. It's not a deal breaker for me though. The Motorola EQ5 seams really nice, but was out of my price range. I just wanted something under $75 and was small and portable.

    @ rbrusuelas: The Speakers on the TP are good, but I needed something with a little more ooomph. Plus I can move the speakers closer to me if the TP is set a little further away from me.
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    I have a Bluetooth speaker. It plays great from the music player but I cannot get itune radio app to play on it. Can anybody help me get itune radio to play on my Bluetooth speaker?

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