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Does anyone make a skin that doesn't require water/soap/magic solution to apply? My old Treo 650 had a screen protector that you just applied and smoothed out, and all was good. Maybe that was possible because of the bevel around the screen? Any thoughts?
While I don't know of any vendors currently shipping, there should be the usual quantity of "washable" screen protectors that cover the screen only. These are typically available in a glare-reduction version and a super-clear "crystal" version.

The difference with PhantomSkinz, Ghost Armor and Invisible Shield is that they wrap around the contours of the device to actually encase it. You can usually choose to cover only the sceen and/or top half, or the entire device.

Personally, I'm waiting on a "crystal" screen protector. If they don't start shipping soon I've got a spare one for my iPod Touch that I may cut to size.