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    I have webos quick install 4.4 and it works fine up until I need to install a package. I've tried installing several packages, including preware, the packages download to the Touchpad just fine, but they don't install. In fact, if I attempt to install preware, I can see it in the /media/internal/.developer folder just just doesn't install and webos quick install shows that it is installing and it goes on forever unless I kill webos quick install via task manager. What would cause this kind of behavior? I have in the past been able to install packages this way.

    Also as an FYI, I have used webos doctor multiple times to get the TP back to defaults, but still can't install the IPK files. I'm now wondering if there is some kind of permission problems in the linux base OS or maybe there is a file missing or corrupted?

    Any help or suggestions would be most welcome. Thank you.
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    try downloading the lastest webos quick installer.
    I had a few problems when upgrading to 3.0.5.

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