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    Just moved from the TX to the TreoPRO yesterday. Have been a long-time Palm user. And have a long ways to go to learn how to use the TreoPro and WinMobile.

    One thing I miss on the TreoPro that the TX had (and the other Palm PDAs I used before the TX) was the able to "mask" private records in the Memo application. To access those masked private records in Memo, you would have to input a password security. Granted, this was not the most "secure" means to protect private data, but I always felt comfortable with using it, in the event I lost or had my TX stolen.

    On the TreoPro, I'm using MissingSync's "Notebook" application ... which syncs quite well between my MAC and the TreoPro ... except there is no password protection on any of those records/memos. Anyone know of a software packages that can mimic the TX's Memo private records mask tool on the TreoPro? And, "sync" with my MAC? Any workarounds?

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    you can encrpt the file which would require a password and sync the doc using the device as a zip drive and explore the memory card
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    I miss that from the Palm OS also. I now use an app called ewallet. You can store passwords, memos, bank info, etc is a password protected, encripted file.
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    I don't think I would keep any of that information on my phone.
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    I too moved to the Pro fm the Tx. I've used SplashID for all my secret stuff.
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    I use eWallet as well and have been happy with it.
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