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    AT&T just activated the 3G network in my area so now I'm getting HSPDA connections on my 750. I tested my connection and currently it's running at 816kbs. I am really thinking about using my 750 for my internet connection and dropping my cable provider. Is anyone out there currently doing this or can anyone give pro's and con's.

    Thanks in advance
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    Make sure:
    1. Signal strength & connection / network load on your home will be consistently good.
    2. The data limit on your plan is sufficient for your need.
    I don't get no 1., so I keep my ADSL connection.
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    I think that AT&T would be rather annoyed if you used a lot (as in 5GB or more) bandwidth a month through a phone. You may find your service disconnected. If you use this for email and occasional web surfing, probably not an issue.

    Absolutely make sure that tethering is permitted on your plan and that you have "unlimited" data (it isn't really unlimited from any ISP).
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    No suggested from the technical standpoint:

    1. Wireless is not as stable as fixed line; and

    2. Only one party can use the connection.
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    As said above,
    Make sure your plan includes tethering.
    Even then, I think if you read Att's tether agreement, it says something about the tether plan is not meant to serve as your home internet service.
    I'm not sure of the Laptop Connect plan though (where you use a aircard)
    I would just call Att, and explain what you were thinking about doing, and see what they suggest. Be careful - they try to sign you up for stuff you don't need.
    Just tell them you are looking at options right now.
    Just call me Berd.
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    My Toshiba tecra crashes to a power on reset if connected as a modem. sycs ok just no modem?
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    If you are using this to tether occasionally, how and where can you check that you're not using more than 5G per month? And also, how do you check the speeds you get through the connection with your 750?
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    Well an update to this thread. I've been using my 750 to connect to the internet for 2 months now. I am completely happy with the decision. I'm using Internet Sharing to connect. As for rkirkr I went to google and just searched for internet speed test. I tested using my cable modem via wireless router and then connection via Internet Sharing.
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    Thanks for that bit of information Randyw. Stupidly, I wouldn't have thought of Googling that!

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