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    I have Treo 800w email configured to work with my work email, gmail and yahoo mail. Recently I been having problems where the gmail would have problems sending a mail. There is no problem getting emails but when I reply or send new one I get the error message that there is a connection problem. I do not have this problem with yahoo or work email. Anyone else encountered this?

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    Your security settings - you do not indicate which mail application you are using. Anyway, I have all of the security settings enabled, SSLx & TLS in the receive. I do not have secure autehtication enabled.

    For send: I have authentication required and for secure connection, I have SSLx and TLS enabled.
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    I am using the email application that comes with Treo 800w (pocket outlook).

    I went to gmail website and got the instructions to use IMAP. This works much better (so far). Here is the link that tell you how to configure it with WM 6.1.


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