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    Had my 800w for two weeks now and I LOVE this phone. Quick question and I hope it isn't a stupid one. In the outlook appication, how do I delete an email account? When I click on it it jumps straight to editing it.
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    don't click on it. use the d-pad and it will just highlight it.
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    Use your stylus, tap and hold. You should see a little menu "delete" pop up.

    Or select the account w/ your d-pad and press and hold the center button.
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    Thanks a lot.
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    All of my routes to deleting the Outlook account are grayed out!
    What is going on?? Anyone encountered this?

    I deleted the gmail and the yahoo accounts no problem, but not the company's exchange connection.
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    Go into ActiveSync on the device and you should be able to go into 'Options' and then delete the Exchange account from there.
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