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    I need help from someone. I have flashed my phone many times with custom WM5 and finally a WM6 ROM. I do not have the digital roaming issue. At least the phones says "Verizon" and not "Digital Roaming". I also have the phone set to warn me when placing a call while roaming and i have gotten no warnings. I did happen to look at the ##DATA# menu though and found that I have nothing in any of those files. I was planning to flash back to a standard VZW ROM, but I am having issues and can't seem to get that done.

    Can anyone with a stock WM5 VZW key in ##DATA# (##3282#) and let me know what you have there? I am curious to see if it is left empty stock or if there is data in there.

    I wanted to get back to a stock rom to provision everything before moving forward with any further custom roms. I may be getting paranoid though. Like I said, I have had no issues.

    I would also like to note that I CAN go to the network settings under phone and make changes from Home to Automatic and back again and NOT get kicked into Digital Roaming. Maybe it is just anissue with using the VZW WM6 ROM on a Sprint phone. Can any other daring VZW owners confirm this?
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    Can anyone help me with this? I would really prefer not to call and ask VZWif I don't have to. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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