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    I'm looking to buy just one app right now...what should I make it? PocketBreeze? A clock program?
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    Spb Backup. You won't regret it.
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    pocketbreeze. I love it.

    I also recommend these free ones:
    tcpmp to play videos/mp3
    sprite backup to back up the system
    hannip's bluetooth plug-in
    keylight plug-in to turn on/off keyboard light
    haali reader to read ebooks
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    I am demo-ing Pocket Player right now as a replacement to Windows Media Player. Imagine this--Pocket Player turns off the lights in the keyboard, something WMP doesn't. Imagine this--Pocket Player remembers where I was in the audio file when I come back later. Nice.

    Spb Backup is essential but boring.

    I would suggest SplashID. This software kept me sane, first on the 650 and now on my 700wx. I don't have to use my brain to remember stuff anymore. Priceless.
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    SPB Pocket plus.
    Palm Treo 700W with Verizon PDATP Plan.

    Palm Treo 700WX w/ SERO plan

    Love both
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    Boring, maybe, but without it, I would have certainly put a gun to my head after all the tweaking I have done with my Treo since I got it.

    For a noob user, not such a big deal. But once you start messing around, you need something to backup.
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    SPB Diary
    Treo 700WX - VZW
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    SPB Mobile Shell- Keeps your today screen organized.
    Palm Treo 700w > VZW Treo 700wx
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    AE Buttons Plus
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    Secret! Stores all your passwords etc. Has a desktop companion as well. I use it more than any other program.
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    see, another person's sanity maintained by secure password storage software.
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    Definately Splash ID! Greatest program I ever bought. I switched to a regular phone for a few weeks and honestly felt like my right arm had fallen off because I didn't know any of my passwords or account info or anything!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dannyboy22 View Post
    Secret! Stores all your passwords etc. Has a desktop companion as well. I use it more than any other program.
    Nice program (used it once a long time ago on my Palm) but there is a free one that I think is better: Tombo

    There is a desktop companion also and both components are free.

    Sorry, I can not select one program to recommend you purchase since I don't know what you really need.
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    but why so many of you chose splashID? I think ewallet is better.

    I found a review:

    I used to use SplashID on both my Palm and PocketPC. On Palm, it may well be the best wallet... on the Pocket PC, it pales in comparison to the other 3. Most notably, there is no copy and paste ability from SplashID to other apps. For example, if I go to a website on PIE and I forgot my user name or password I could go into SplashID to look it up. I can't copy and paste the info from SplashID to PIE.

    The same holds true with registration codes. Even worse, SplashID does not remain open when you are multi-tasking. The other 3 apps have settings that allow you to specify the time-out period. With SplashID as soon as you open another app or switch to another app using a task switcher, it closes itself. I think SplashData (the developer) is stuck in the world of Palm single-tasking.

    Eventually I grew really tired of these 2 limitations and wanted to switch. Since eWallet had the import utility, I went with that one and have been very happy.
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    treo alert 4.8 pro.

    a must have in my book.
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    Buying an app:

    I'm starting to like Sbp products. I currently use Sbp Diary and Sbp Weather. I like Sbp Diary, since it displays your appointments, task, notes, etc. on your today screen. PocketBreeze is similar, but 1 hand operation with Sbp Diary is MUCH better. Unfortunately, I already bought PocketBreeze, but I have decided to switch to Sbp Diary.

    Spb Weather displays the weather on your today screen.

    As you can see, everyone has their own opinion. Basically, you just need to figure out what you want to use your phone for? I work in the IT industry and often deal with many clients and appointments. I'm also on the road allot. Therefore Sbp Diary works well displaying all the information I need on the Today screen. Sbp Weather gives me the information knowing how the weather is before going/leaving work.

    Free apps:
    If you are patient, I would advise evaluating your needs and products. There are allot of FREE apps available that may suit your needs.

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