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    Has anyone gotten live streaming to work? I'm thinking about getting the service this season and the ability to watch on my Treo would be amazing!

    I'm using a 700WX on Sprint.

    (Sorry if this has been mentioned...I'm getting a database error when I try to search the forums. Been trying for the last hour. It'll be interesting to see if this posts! lol)
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    so it posted. sweet.
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    I almost never bump.
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    If not you can always get sling player and the mlb package with your cable provider.
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    mlb tv sucks because it doesnt allow people in the regional area to view it.Here in boston games are literally blacked out online due to re-broadcasting . The best option for anything would def be sling or ORB which is free if you have a tv tuner card. The onyl way MLB TV works is if you live in Cali and want to watch say the Sox or NY, i believe this also applies to MLB Gameday Audio.
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    there was a program that allowed you to watch your sub on your vision phone but mlb made the guy stop producing the program. look up mtr or ivanx. i have the sling and fortunately for me i have relatives that live in nj and i can watch all my yankee games.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nyc_rock View Post
    If not you can always get sling player and the mlb package with your cable provider.

    That was my plan. I was so excited. lol But in classic Major League Baseball fashion, the fans are being screwed. They are signing a deal giving DirecTV exclusive rights to MLB Extra innings. No cable providers.

    I can't really do DirecTV. I don't want a contract and Im not sure how long I'll be living here.

    But that is a good idea
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    Sling is great. I know this is a WM forum but if they can meet their PalmOS release schedule we should all be able to sling opening day.
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