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    I have hard reset, soft reset, and jiggled it upside down over a cliff and I cannot get the 700wx to recognize my Samgsung wep200. Originally it found it but I could not get it to connect to enter the code so I deleted. I read elsewhere(not sure where) that once you delete a device you cannot pair up with it again. So following that information I did the following things.

    1. downloaded device reset and cleaned they 700wx
    2. hard reset and repowered.
    3. upped the new bluetooth stack from this site
    4. tried to find headset with no luck
    5. soft reset and added sprite to get all my contacts... back
    6. reinstalled the bluetooth stack
    7. reinstalled the sms patch

    I don't know what to do at this point so i figured i would ask the pros on here. I have been reading your posts and searching but did not find any thing that resembled the same issues i am having. I was wondering if in the hardware, there is a bluetooth cache that saves devices? or a bluetooth history that anyone knows about.

    Does the A2DP stack affect this cache(if there is one) in any way?

    I am getting ready to eat my 700wx and wep200 and pair them forever.

    thanks in advance

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    I've never known of a Bluetooth "cache". There have been several times I've deleted a paired device and then paired it again, all without a hard/soft reset being involved.

    Try updating to A2DP since if it resolves your problem.
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    I updated with the A2DP and still no bananas, thanks for the reply. I might be taking this headset back if i can't get it to work....
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    If you delete the pairing of a bluetooth device you can still re-pair that same headset. Cache is not the problem. The problem is that the headset may not be compatible.
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    yeah I took it back, went for a nokia instead. will try my luck with that...
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    Just hope that you can find one that doesn't disconnect on you all the time. Welcome to our world.
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